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Background PayMob

PayMob is an innovative service that provides the ability to accept credit cards anywhere in world. PayMob provides universal access to international payment systems: VISA/MasterCard, with very flexible, practical, intuitive and reliable functional. The service allows you to accept payments by VISA and MasterCard cards, using mobile terminal and free application, available for iOS and iOS and Android devices.

PayMob is an ideal solution for those who need a quick and convenient method of non-cash payments:

  • insurance, shopping and travel agents;
  • taxi drivers and couriers;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • owners of Internet shops and small shops.

Accepting payments by credit card is simple and easy!

PayMob service fully complies with the international security PCI DSS standard.



Productive cooperation with companies.



Your opinion about the service

Vitaliy Spirin Businessman 03.11.2017

Thank you for your cooperation. It was a pleasure to work with you. I will recommend you to my colleagues.

Roman E. CEO 17.10.2017

I have been using Paymob for years but last week I needed a new set of equipment for my new online store and I want to thank managers for the quality of service and understanding of the situation.

Ilya Skutov corporate lawyer 04.02.2017

Many thanks to Support Team. It's good to have competent professionals there. We've figured out the problem in a few minutes and solve it by phone. Respect!

Irina merchandiser 25.08.2016

Thank you for the simple solution of my payment problems. Mobile terminals from Paymob have simplified my work many times. Nice and user-friendly application.

Anastasia Sverkosh businesswoman 16.01.2016

It was a pleasure to work with you! Thanks for the advice on choosing the best solution for my business!

Stanislav delivery service 17.09.2015

More and more customers prefer to pay by card while receiving the goods, it is safe and secure. Besides, it's a bad idea to carry a classic POS when you got several orders to be delivered, that is why the Paymob mobile terminal is the most convenient solution for us. The big plus of the device is that it works at any area with the mobile internet coverage.

Tatyana owner of online-store 15.07.2015

I am using the service for already half a year. I noted that the connection to the service did not take long time. I'm completely satisfied with the work of the terminal and the app, my customers are happy as well!

Andrey owner of the clothing store 17.06.2015

I'm very pleased with the service. The money transfer itself is pretty fast: if the payment has been made in the morning-usually we expect it later this evening on our account. As a big plus-the commission per transaction is much lower than the similar companies have.



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