30 mar

On March 24th, 2016 the third annual Integrated rating of the top 100 companies engaged in the development, design and support of mobile applications was announced.

As compared with the 2015 rating CCT climbed 13 notches and now is at 77-78th notch in the rating.

The Integrated mobile application developers rating 2016 is based on the combined results of 9 niche mobile developers’ ratings. The participants are well-known Russian companies, suppliers of solutions for the mobile operating systems. The rating aims to help digital service consumers find the best service providers developing applications for the most popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. The rating targets both Russian and foreign customers.

About the mobile application developers rating

The 2016 Integrated mobile application developers is a key infrastructure project of the mobile market which takes into account the company's position in other popular niche tops of the sector. This year the data on seven popular segment rankings was aggregated which served as a basis for setting up a chart. The 2016 rating has come out for the third time in history.


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